** Hashcoins datacenter falls into the category of services of cloud mining, which are created by professionals for the long

The reinvestment yield is . Julio Gutierrez.

Such projects do not sell “air”, they offer power are really existing physical capacity of mining bitcoin. Hashcoins datacenter provides a real yield of about 120% per annum, but with the reinvestment yield is of course much higher.

Still, not the most outstanding result among cloud mining of cryptocurrencies. Hashcoins datacenter is almost the only mining company that I trust as possible in the world of Internet investments. More precisely, I don’t trust anyone, but hashcoins datacenter, I have been a minimal a feeling of distrust.

And her publicity team is an additional sign of reliability. They do not hide that they are a branch of HashCoins. HashCoins founded in 2013 by Sergei Potapenko.

The company develops and produces equipment for the extraction (mining) of cryptocurrency. HashCoins office is located in Tallinn, Estonia. The company specializiruetsya on the creation of new technologies in the field of ASIC equipment for the development of a secure and distributed decentralized global Bitcoin hashflare discount code miningadvocate.com network.

In the production of HashCoins uses the motherboard and its production of ASIC chips designed by US partner. In my opinion, the launch of the service cloud of mining cryptocurrency company that specializiruetsya on the production of ASIC hardware, a pretty logical step. It is an undeniable competitive advantage in a business where competitive high-tech equipment means a lot in light of the increasing cost and difficulty of mining bitcoin.

Possibility to rent and to buy hashing power electronic currency directly from the mining company created by HashCoins, can not but rejoice. ‘ve got Amateurs who have bought any script and wholesale capacity from mining company for the purpose of resale, having a matter with which only lose money. This company started working from the beginning of 2015.

Hashcoins datacenter in mining cryptocurrencies is carried out using the algorithms sha-256, Scrypt and Skrypt-N. Despite the inaccessibility to the ordinary Internet user detailed and hidden data about hashcoins datacenter, openness mining company (an actual address in Estonia, the presence of a multidisciplinary team hashcoins datacenter) only inspires confidence. But experienced online investors know that address, registration and licenses do not guarantee honesty of the mining company.

Every lose money just remember my disappointment (for me this is Cointellect and HashProfit). But the Internet is not only scammers and unscrupulous the it business, and after great frustration to have to find the strength and learn to trust again, to make money a new reliable projects. I decided in March of 2015 bought a certain number of hashcoins datacenter capacity by a small amount.

  • A couple of weeks seeing that hashcoins datacenter pays, I bought a decent amount of capacity became hard to reinvest in order to increase profitability with the aim of acceleration of return of invested money
  • And today I have absolutely no regrets about his decision to invest in hashcoins datacenter
  • Now more details about the benefits and features Benefits and features hashcoins datacenter: — the minimum purchase price of power from 4,45$ (or 0,01762376 PTS 10 GH/s); — input of money possible in bitcoin, Bank transfer, credit card or WebMoney; — withdrawal of profit in bitcoin possible in the minimum amount of bitcoin and automatically by transferring the profit for your bitcoin wallet specified in your account settings

The withdrawal Commission equals

to bitcoin, which is more like a deterrent for investors hurrying to withdraw the income and invested a very small amount; the yield of about 120% per annum of the sum of the purchased capacities of cloud mining. The reinvestment of profit and success in the referral program can increase significantly the yield; — a Team of professionals and latest equipment ensure competitiveness in the business of cloud mining. For mining equipment used exclusively HashCoins.

If you wish, they can even be seen, having arrived in Tallinn, Estonia; — the Buying power we buy hashcoins datacenter power (forever), and rent (at the time). But the possibility of selling capacity (e.g., in the internal market) or other full or partial refund of money is not provided; — the Main feature of this service is the choice of pools.

The user can allocate power to 3 different pool to the arbitrary percentage; — miners SHA-256 mining bitcoin and related currencies in this algorithm. Scrypt miners can mine a variety of currencies depending on their current value and the difficulty of finding a block. However, after receiving the award for the block is exchanged to bitcoin; — Adequate and responsive support (I being a novice, turned half past three in the morning and in less than 10 minutes, we got informative answers.

For this they put a “+”); — user-friendly interface of the website hashcoins datacenter (of course there is a Russian version and English version of the site; — Best affiliate program — 10% of the money made by each referral (this is much higher than the market, usually in the mining incentives are being offered 5% of each referral). Conclusion. Outlines the benefits of purchasing capacity in the cloud mining hashcoins datacenter, in my opinion, convincing.

Choose cloud mining hashcoins datacenter or not, you decide. No one can guarantee 100% profitable and secure investments, but among players in the business of selling and renting capacity of mining hashcoins datacenter I consider to myself to be reliable.